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Genesys Clinic: About us

Infertility affects an increasingly number of couples at a global level.

In Europe it reaches about 3% of the population and this percentage is still growing, while U.S. researchers have revealed the fact that each year 2.4 million couples are affected by infertility. Recently infertility was acknowledged by the European Community as a "disease" (lack of ovulation, tubal blockage, uterine fibromatosis, male causes etc.), while fertility is no longer considered a luxury.

The Genesys Clinic is a gynecology and assisted human reproduction clinic with patients and collaborators from around the world.
We have brought together for you the best team of doctors, in a modern and warm environment.
By being kind, careful and attentive, the Clinic aims to find and treat infertility problems in a discrete manner.

The Clinic was founded in 2008 by Ms. Camelia Bugica and Assoc.Prof. Dr. Denisa Protopopescu, in collaboration with David Lowell Walker, director of Mayo Clinic, an embryology and andrology laboratory in Rochester Minnesota. In 2009 the team was also joined by Mr. Alan Thornhill, Scientific Director of The London Bridge Fertility, Gynecology and Genetics Centre.

We hope to create a warm, familiar and honest environment. In order for this to happen we have a valuable medical team and a laboratory endowed with international standard equipment. Th embryology laboratory staff has a lot of experience in the field and is coordinated and supervised by David Walker, with an MA at Leeds, UK, certified by the American Board as Embryology Lab Director, Embryology Technical Supervisor and Andrology Technical Supervisor, who also founded other assisted human reproduction clinics in the European Community.At the same time we have numerous collaborations with other major fertility clinics in England through Dr. Denisa Protopopescu, who worked for four years in Assisted Human Reproduction at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London, UK. We want to actively participate in the research on new scientific advancements in the field of assisted human reproductive medicine. Under the guidance of the National Transplant Agency, the ESHRE and ASRM, we want to align to the European Community legislation. Furthermore, the team of psychologists working with us is very active and will try to understand your needs and desires and make you overcome the "infertilty" diagnosis more easily. We want to fulfill a dream, to bring the warm smile of a child to the couples that come to us for help.

In the first year of existence, the Genesys Clinic received more than 100 couples eager to treat their infertility problems, a large number of treatments being successful; many of the children obtained through assisted human reproduction procedures performed in our clinic are already born.